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Sex, 15/10/10

"!!!" um nome bem esquisito para uma banda! há quem diga que se pronuncia "chk chk chk" ou "uh uh uh" e até "pow pow pow". Quanto ao Género uns dizem que é Indie Rock e há quem diga que é Dance Punk, pffff! não me faz diferença nenhuma. O que realmente interessa é que esta musica mexe comigo, ou será que é a Lua?



1 drink 2 drinks 3 drinks 4
she had eyes that i couldn't ignore
chatted her up out on the dance floor
she was out of cigarettes so i walked her to the store
skirt pulled up pushed up against the wall
but she pauses just the take a call
joanne says "girl, what the fuck r u doing?
all these boys r gonna b your ruin."

now i can't help but overhear
as i'm kissing from her neck to her ear
well if any of them meant it i'd mean it back
it never meant anything but a case of the clap
girl please let me call u back
cuz it's all beginning to sound like a rap

sometimes it's just one of those nights
ain't u never had it happen to u?
then u go home too soon go home too soon

u could blame it on the music
but it wouldn't b right
cuz i've gotten lucky to some pretty bad tunes

must be the moon
must be the moon

kissing in the cab on the way back cross the bridge
she said "love is love but a fuck is what it is"
"and what's that?" she must have read my mind
cuz she looked in to my eyes and she said "a good time"
she kissed me on the stairs and she kissed me on the porch
she kissed me as i fumbled with the key in the front door
1 time 2 times 3 times 4
but really who was keeping score
we did it on the bed and we did it on the floor
but i was surprised when i got the cold shoulder
(the next morning)
she said 'u just got me hot, i finished off while you were snoring"


“A música exprime a mais alta filosofia numa linguagem que a razão não compreende” Arthur Schopenhauer

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